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ESTP - the platform for space technologies

The European Space Technology Platform (ESTP) aims to create a non-dependent technology portfolio facilitating European strategic independence for the access to and exploration in space, and to support the development of next-generation technologies best serving Europe�s ambitions in space-related sectors (Galileo, GMES, security, space exploration, broadband communications, etc.).

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Critical space technologies for European strategic non-dependence19 September 2008  The European Commission (EC), the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Defence Agency (EDA) have agreed to join forces in order to develop critical space technologies in Europe. The aim is to ensure that Europe can rely on a technical and industrial capacity for accessing space, in particular in the area of the manufacturing of satellites and launchers.Full story »
Role of ESA in FP7 Space Call 1 'Strengthening Space Foundations' clarified7 June 2007  In pursuance of the Framework Agreement between the European Community and the European Space Agency, it has been agreed that ESA will support EC in the evaluation, negotiation and monitoring of FP7 supported actions in the 'Strengthening Space Foundations' part, including Space Technology. ESA, being on the evaluation side, will not participate to any proposal in answer to FP7 Space call 1, for the 'Strengthening Space Foundations' part. Full story »
EC FP7 - Space Call 1 2007 Launched (FP7-SPACE-2007-1)26 April 2007  On the 22 December 2006, the EC Seventh Framework Programme (FP), Cooperation, Space Call 1 has been published covering the period 2007/2008.Full story »
Strategic Research Agenda issued7 July 2006  The Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) of the European Space Technology Platform (the technology platform for space technology) was submitted to the European Commission on 7 July. The SRA provides the next decade vision for space technology and the recommended priorities for the FP7 workprogramme in 2007-2008. Full story »
ESTP and ISI Working Together for Space Future15 May 2006  Representatives of the European Space Technology Platform (ESTP) and the Integral Satcom Initiative (ISI) took the opportunity of the ESTP 1st stakeholders meeting at the European Space Agency (ESA) headquarters in Paris to discuss the way forward in addressing the future challenges in the exploitation of space with European technology. Full story »
Member States and Industry confirm their support to the ESTP and its SRA at the 1st stakeholders meeting in Paris11 May 2006  On 11 May 05, ESTP stakeholders from 18 EU Member States representing Industry and Institutional space technology actors (ESA and National Space Agencies) met in Paris to finalise the ESTP Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and to prepare the inputs on space technology for the work-programme of the 7th Framework Programme.Full story »
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